Road Trip Knowledge

28 Jun

Dallas, Texas to San Diego, California, by car…… not for sissies.

By nothing else but Keith’s incredible driving skills, ability to stay awake, and God’s love and traveling grace, WE MADE IT!  As soon as we pulled into “God’s Country” (San Diego’s name according to my doctor) we rolled the windows down, and actually felt cool, crisp, air!  I didn’t even know this was possible in the middle of the summer!  We went to the beach at night, and I was COLD.  I had to play wuss and go back to the car because I was shivering.  San Diego could use an extra 5 degrees of warmth.

In our near 20 hours of driving, it definitely gave me time to look around, take in the scenery, and learn a few things.  I have a short list of things that came up in my mind while looking out the passenger side window:

  1. El Paso does not belong in Texas – sorry El Paso natives, but if your city is nearly 9 1/2 hours away from any other major city in the state of Texas, but instead about 5 minutes from New Mexico, then you need to be in New Mexico. Save me the heart ache of saying “We’re STILL in Texas?!”
  2. There are no UFO’s in New Mexico – In our few hours in the “Land of Enchantment”, my eyes were in the skies.  It was night time, the stars were shining, and come on, we’re in New Mexico, you HAVE to look for aliens.  None, zip, zilch, nada!  People look up in the sky in New Mexico, because there is NOTHING on the ground to look at.  You’ll catch some pretty stars, but E.T. has definitely gone home.
  3. Arizona is HOT – Okay, no new knowledge for most people here, but I got to feel it for myself, and it is not pleasant.  If your entire body is not consumed by air conditioning, whatever part has been left out, will be sweating.
  4. Arizona Border Patrol is NO JOKE – Those folks were on another level!  We saw so many border patrol cars on the highway, and went through about 2 or 3 checkpoints!  In anticipation for my being perceived as a Mexican citizen, I had my birth certificate by my side (literally) and wore a shirt with a big Puerto Rican flag on it.  Seriously.
  5. Pregnant Road trips aren’t the greatest – I’ve grown up on the road, we moved A LOT, and drove everywhere we went.  I’m no stranger to the open roads and having to sit in the car for hours on end.  But being pregnant gives this a WHOLE new dimension, and it is not a great one.  Pants are buttoned, then unbuttoned…. hungry, then nauseous…. have to pee, so you stop, but when you get out of the car, you forget you are unbuttoned with the fly down.  Must have been interesting for gas station attendants.

Most importantly, WE MADE IT!  I thank the Lord for keeping my sickness at bay, my husband awake, and our car from overheating.  Now time to get things rolling and enjoy sunny San Diego!


2 Responses to “Road Trip Knowledge”

  1. Roslyn June 30, 2010 at 4:24 pm #

    You had me rolling:-)I agree on the El Paso thing! Good Girl for wearing that shirt…LMBO…Also, I hope you two aren’t planning on doing any more road strip later on in your pregnancy because the farther along you get the harder they get (my ankle were huge and the trip was only 2 1/2 hours:-)) you won’t even be worried about pants being unbuttoned:-)you will just want to be comfortable…they’ll understand!

    • The Mrs. June 30, 2010 at 5:43 pm #

      Only other road trip is the one back to TX… and then maybe a million hour flight somewhere in the world (YIKES!) Miss ya!

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